About us

A Story of Love, Dedication, and the Woven Fabric of a Shared Dream 

Luxury silk scarves, made from the highest-quality Chinese silk, are the height of sensuousness. Softer, more versatile, and more comfortable than any other fabric, silk makes you feel as elegant as a queen - without requiring a royal budget. 

As the founder of Grace Scarves, Grace has always loved silk. When she met her husband, John, and emigrated to the U.S. from China, she quickly noticed that good silk was hard to find, and very expensive. She also realized that few people wore silk, in spite of it being hypoallergenic and ideal for hot or cold climates. The reason? People just hadn’t experienced silk, and were unaware of how to care for it.

She wanted to bring Americans the experience of enjoying silk as much as she does, so she began bringing silk scarves to the U.S. for sale. Quickly, boutiques picked up her wares, and before long, she and her husband John had started the Grace Scarves company. 

The Grace Scarves story is truly a tale of a passion for preserving cultural traditions, and the pursuit of the American Dream. With a love for the ancient Chinese luxury of pure silk and a desire to start her own business, Grace came to America. Between her connections with the world's best silk industry and John’s technical background and eye for entrepreneurship within the U.S. market, the couple have grown their dream by supporting one another, each brandishing their own talents as the business has steadily grown.


Your Connection to Authentic Luxury Silk Scarves 

In our attempt to share this beloved, fascinating fabric with the world, our company offers: 

  • Exquisite Selection - Strong and high-quality, our silk comes from the most famous, top-rated silk producers in China. 
  • A Great Team - Grace is adept at developing vendor relationships and intuiting what designs customers will love. John brings technical expertise and knowledge of U.S. purchasing trends to the table, helping to grow the business online.
  • Uncompromising Quality and Service - Dedicated to our customers, our stellar service is reflected in repeat orders and glowing reviews. We go above and beyond what it takes to surpass your expectations. 
  • Free Shipping - We always offer free shipping direct from North Carolina, USA, unless ordered through Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program. 


Wrap yourself in the absolute luxury of authentic Chinese silk. Browse our products and order a beautiful luxury silk scarf today!