5 Reasons to Choose a Silk Store Over a Department Store for Your Silky Treasures

If you’re going to invest in soft, luxurious silk, you wouldn’t want to pay top dollar for anything less than 100% premium material. How do you know if you’re getting the very best on the market? Other than learning how to tell the difference between a real silk scarf and a fake, the best thing you can do is to purchase silk wares from a reputable silk store or silk boutique, instead of going to just any department store or tourist store.

We’ve highlighted five major reasons for choosing a real silk source to help you choose quality products every time:

  1. You’ll Know It’s 100% Silk
    To test real silk you can perform a number of tests: the bunch test, the luster check, the ring test, and the burn test. But doing one or any of these isn’t always easy, especially if you are ordering on line. To be on the safe side, you’ll want to make sure you buy 100% genuine silk from a well-reviewed silk distributor or silk store that will take the time to answer your questions about the validity of their product.
  2. Buy from People Who Love Silk – When you buy from people who are passionate about silk and who truly know the silk trade, you’ll know you’re in good hands. A reputable company knows their fabric, and will not be hesitant to tell you facts about the silk you’re buying. They’ll tell you that the higher the momme weight, the more durable the fabric. They’ll be able to tell you where the silk came from, and what makes it top quality. You’ll feel like you’re buying from experts who care about selling a quality product.
  3. Choose Ethically Manufactured Silk – Not all silk is ethically produced. Some sweat shops impose oppressive work conditions and reward with pathetic wages. As fellow humans, it’s up to us as consumers to do what we can to create ideal work conditions for those who create the goods we prize. Check with the silk store of your choice to ensure they only distribute silk that has been manufactured using social responsible protocols. Grace Scarves’ products are manufactured under both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.
  4. Better Prices for Top Quality – Top quality silk is a material you can enjoy for decades, that will only get more beautiful over time. If you pay less for cheaper polyester-silk blends or other manmade knockoffs, that material will dull as it ages, and will show its wear much faster than 100% genuine silk. You also may not be able to know how that fabric was manufactured, especially if you purchase an unknown brand from a department store or tourist shop.
  5. Help Independently Owned Businesses – Any time you choose an independently-owned business – even if you’re buying online – you’re likely helping a family fulfill a lifelong business dream or your putting money into a community. While a multitude of chains and department stores are excellent sources for a wide variety of products, so many factors go into determining quality silk that you’ll have the greatest peace of mind that you’re buying the real thing when you go through an independent silk store.

At Grace Scarves, we are proud to offer affordable, premium 100% Chinese silk. For more questions about our silk standards and to see our silk store, check out our on-line catalog today.

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