Are Silk Scarves for You? 5 Signs You’ll Know You Were Born to Rock Silk

Silk scarves have been rising in popularity as a modern fashion trend ever since actresses of the 50s and 60s adopted fashion silk scarves as a wardrobe staple.  But you don’t have to be a silver screen icon to enjoy silk and make it look good. Check out our five-point checklist to see if you and silk scarves are a match.

You’ll know you’re meant to wear a silk scarf if you enjoy:

  1. Vintage Style, with a Modern Flare – Your style is not one-dimensional. Parts of your “look” are a throwback to French Riviera grace and coquettish elegance, mixed with modern simplicity and carefreeness. You love combining the dreamy charm of yesteryear with the get-up-and-go lifestyle of today. And your fashion reflects this. Silk scarves are a fun accessory that can add a vintage, playful, or sophisticated element to any outfit.
  2. Soft, Silky Things – Silk has been regarded as the pinnacle of luxurious fabric since it was discovered in China in 3,000 BC. Whenever you take out a silk scarf to adorn your neck, head, or midriff, you’ll feel like you’re treating and pampering yourself. Feel the softness in your hand, admire the lustrous sheen, and wear a smile for the rest of the day as you don your 100% genuine silk.
  3. Spicing Up Your Wardrobe – One of the most fun characteristics of silk scarves is the way they can add flavor to any outfit, even the ones you’ve been wearing the longest. Buy multiple silk scarves, and have different colors or patterns to make your clothes really pop. Dress up a simple shirt-and-jeans combo, or add an elegant highlight to your favorite dress. You can open up limitless variety within your very own closet.
  4. Hypoallergenic and Health-Supporting Fabric – Silk contains many health benefits, including hypoallergenic and temperature-regulation properties. If you want to wear a scarf around your neck but are sensitive to polyester, nylon, and some fabric dyes, you won’t react to silk. Also, silk is great for keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter because of its close-knit construction that forms a permeable barrier between your skin and the air.
  5. Fabric That Only Grows More Beautiful with Age – Cotton, acetate, and rayon can fade and lose their color, mostly due to the chemical reactions that take place in the fabric through wear and use. Silk can fade if left in the sunlight or if machine-washed, but when taken good care of, it actually grows more beautiful with age, taking on a different kind of sheen as the years go by. Take good care of your silk, and you’ll enjoy it for years to come.

A silk scarf makes a strong fashion statement if the trend is right for you. Can you identify with our checklist?  If so, check out our silk scarves in our catalog for a wide selection of 100% genuine Chinese silk products.

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