Silk Scarves for the New Year – Top 5 Versatile Ways to Transform Your Look

Nothing marks the celebration of the new year like an updated look. From strutting downtown for a night out to sporting chic elegance at a coffee shop, silk scarves can tie any outfit together. A variety of scarves are available these days, allowing for a versatile expression of creativity, color, and grace.

This year, make it your resolution to add a spark to your old outfits. We’ve put together five fun and easy ways you can wear a scarf, regardless of the season.

Freshen Up Any Look – As the seasons change, so does your wardrobe. Instead of trying to keep up with the latest fashions, introduce a silk scarf to last year’s closet for a vibrant look that will get you noticed. For springtime and summer, choose bright colors and loud patterns to highlight the joy of warm weather fun. For fall and winter, choose earth tones and smaller prints for subtle class.

Winter Warmth – Unknown to many, quality 100% silk is a versatile, natural fabric that allows your skin to breathe, making it not only comfortable to wear in the summer, but also a provider of extra warmth during the cold season. Tie extra large square silk scarves into a buckaroo knot for added coziness, or layer under a cashmere scarf for a variety of textures and protection against the chill.

Urban Headgear – For an exotic or funky flare, turn your square or oblong silk scarf into stunning headgear. You can wear it as a turban, headband, bandana, headwrap, or “pirate” headband. Experiment with colors and styles to flatter your hairstyle and fashion sense. By changing something as simple as the colors you sport on your head, you can breathe life into the everyday clothes you wear.

Wear It as a Belt – Fold an oblong or square scarf to add zip to any plain outfit by mixing up the colors, patterns, or textures of your ensemble. Also, cinching in your waist can draw attention to your curves, accentuating your figure. Mix and match your outfits and belts for multiple combinations that really stretch out your wardrobe.

Impromptu Shirt or Skirt – Get creative, and transform the same silk scarves you wear around your neck into an exciting impromptu shirt or skirt. By taking a large square silk scarf and tying it around your neck and waist, you’ve created an elegant halter-style top. Tie another one around your waist over a pair of leggings, and you have a new mini skirt to show off.

Once you start collecting even a few silk scarves, it’s exciting to discover how many versatile ways you can wear these brightly colored accessories. At Grace Scarves, our full line of 100% silk scarves come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, making it possible to teach yourself some new fashion tricks. Browse our beautiful silk scarves selection today to kick off the new year.

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